Tuesday, March 10, 2009

William Hewgill's Notebook

The following is taken from the notebook of William HEWGILL (1784-1874) my great great great grandfather:

William Hewgill son of Daniel and Ann Hewgill born in the parish of Glazedale North Riding of Yorkshire 10 miles south west of Whitby on the 15th of September 1783. Married to Alice Sleightholme of Goathland on the 8th day of December 1817. Elizabeth their daughter born October 23rd 1818. William born August 26th 1821. Daniel born September 1, 1824. Ann born August 9th 1829.

Sailed from Whitby with the above family on board the Columbus new ship of 750 ton further having on board 245 passengers for Quebec on Monday at 4 Clock, in the afternoon on the 16th day of April 1832.

Passed Pentland forth on the 18th at 5 Oclock afternoon - Lost sight of land on the 19th and entered the Western Ocean - Saw land again on the (blank) of May being part of Newfoundland a mountainous barren coast - Arrived Quebec on Sunday the (blank) of May - Left Quebec on the Chambly Steamer for Montreal reached that place on the (blank) of May [the Chambly arrived in Montreal on June 1, 1832] - Left it the same day for York, on the (blank) in the Great Britain steamer their was 800 persons on board, went the following day to Gore of Toronto.

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  1. Daniel and William are also my ancestors. We trace through Thomas, Victor, and Elwood. My dad has an extensive family tree.