Tuesday, February 3, 2009

William Hewgill 1784-1874

© Michael Harrison 2009

This is a photo of my great great great grandfather William Hewgill. His daughter Ann married my great great grandfather Matthew Harrison much to his consternation. In a letter back to relatives in England William laments and bemoans the fact that his daughter married a Catholic.

In the History of Claireville, from 1910, William Porter wrote that William "was an elderly man with a family of two sons and two daughters, his education was above the average, Consequently (sic) became the first teacher in the neighbourhood, and acted as conveyencer for the people for miles around, he was also local preacher for the Weselian (sic) Methodists, his eldest son William went to Collingwood Township and became a prominent farmer there, Daniel his second son followed the building business until his death about 1890, Daniel's son David is on the old place the rest of the sons are respected business men in this and other parts of the province."

One wonders how the son of a weaver, and weaver himself obtained such an education but obviously it was important to his father Daniel that William get a good education.

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